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Watch Zee Talkies LiveZee Talkies is a Marathi television channel broadcasting Marathi movies by Zee Entertainment. Watch Zee Talkies Live. Its the only Marathi movie channel broadcasting old classics and latest Marathi movies 24 hours a day. Zee Talkies was launched on 25 August 2007 by Zee Network with the sole objective of maximising the reach of Marathi Cinema to its core audience across the globe. Zee Talkies have more than 400 movie titles including various classics like Pinjara, Jait re jait, Sihasan, Saamna, Zaakol along with the latest blockbusters like Ek Daav Dhobipachhad, Natarang, De Dhakka, Mee Sindhutai Sapkal, Taryanche Bet and Mee Shivajiraje Bhosle Boltoy. With these titles, Zee Talkies also has some incredible, critically acclaimed films of the very well known Marathi film production company, Prabhat Films like Kunku, Sant Dnyadenshwar, Sant Tukaram, Shejari and Maanus.

Zee Talkies has some major sub-brands like:

  • Talkies Premier – Every month, 1 new Marathi film got premiered on Zee Talkies.
  • Superstar Shanivaar – Films of famous Marathi film stars.
  • Blockbuster Ravivaar – Popular films every Sunday.
  • Malamaal Monday – Blockbuster titles, every Monday.
  • Talkies Tharar – Chilling horrors and various suspense thrillers; every Thursday.
  • Talkies Jallosh – Every Friday night, reserved for popular events, award shows and musical nights.
  • Tisri Ghanta – Popular Marathi plays like Eka Lagnachi Goshta, Ek Daav Bhatacha, Hum to tere aashik hai, Shyamchi Mummy.

Along with these brands, Zee Talkies have two daily shows:

  • Haat tichya maari – A show of comedy scenes, Monday to Friday.
  • Wah kai song ahe – A show of Marathi popular songs, Monday to Saturday.

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