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Watch Jalsha Movies Bengali LiveJalsha Movies is a Bengali language movie channel operated by STAR India. Watch Jalsha Movies Bengali Live. STAR India launched the 24-hour channel on 16 December 2012, after their earlier Bengali-language channel, Star Jalsha, was well received.


Star India’s earlier television channel, Star Jalsha (launched in September, 2008), was well received, prompting the network to launch a 24-hour Bengali movie channel, dubbed Jalsha Movies. Jalsha Movies was launched on 16 December 2012. At the time there were two other Bengali language movie channels: Sony Aath and Zee Bangla Cinema.

To promote the new channel, Star put 400 promotional hoardings (billboards) in Kolkata in a campaign created by Ogilvy & Mather. Bengali actor Dev was selected as brand ambassador. ITC Vivel became the lead partner of the channel.

At the time of launch Kevin Vaz, the channel’s president and general manager, stated that he expected the channel to be successful and have “a good mix of advertisers”. Mahendra Soni of Shree Venkatesh Films considered the channel good for the West Bengal entertainment industry, feelings echoed by film producer Srikant Mohta.

The first film telecast on Jalsha Movies was Awara (2012). At launch the channel had a library of 350 movies, 80 percent of which were recent productions. The channel also signed a 5-year contract with Shree Venkatesh Films to air their films exclusively; Vaz said that this guaranteed Jalsha Movies would have at least “60-70 per cent of Bengali movies and … all the recent hits in past 5-7 years going forward.”

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