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Watch Canal+ Liga Live TvCanal+ Liga is a Spanish private television channel, Watch Canal+ Liga Live Tv. included in the payment platform Digital+, owned by Sogecable. The channel is dedicated exclusively to football, particularly to La Liga and Liga Adelante. This channel also has a high definition signal called Canal+ Liga HD.

The channel was born on August 29, 2009 as direct competition against Gol Televisión, owned by Mediapro, with whom Canal+ Liga shares certain international football competitions’ rights.


On July 2009 it surfaced the Mediapro’s business strategies, who would launch a TDT Premium channel at a cost of 18 euros per month called Gol Televisión, and it would broadcast La Liga, Liga Adelante, international football competitions and UEFA Champions League. Given this, Digital+ bought the rights to other international football competitions and created Canal+ Liga. The contract price is 15 euros per month, which forced the competition to lower their rates.

The first program broadcast by Canal+ Liga was El día del fútbol (English: The football matchday). The first match broadcast was the matchday 1 in Liga Adelante, the match between Real Unión and Recreativo Huelva.

On 2010, Digital+ reorganized the programming of their channels, leaving Spanish football and UEFA Europa League in exclusive as unique content of Canal+ Liga, leaving the international football to its sister channels such as Canal+ Fútbol, Sportmanía and Multideporte (former Canal+ Eventos), created in September 2010 with the intention of broadcast all that was left by the other Digital+ channels.


Those are all the Canal+ Liga contents:

per matchday
3 Spain La Liga (shared with Gol Televisión)
2 Spain Liga Adelante (shared with Gol Televisión)
Spain Copa del Rey (Shared with Gol Televisión, MARCA TV, laSexta and RTVE)
Europe UEFA Europa League (shared with Telecinco)

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